Volunteers helping in the garden Volunteers helping in the garden

Corporate giving & sponsorship

Opportunities for your business or organisation to help InterAct make a difference.

As a community-based Essex charity, supporting disadvantaged people, InterAct values financial and/or practical support from local businesses & organisations for our work and projects.

We welcome:

  • Corporate giving & philanthropy
  • Financial support & sponsorship for InterAct’s projects and events, including:
    • Activity days/weekends for young people with disabilities & additional needs: building their skills & confidence
    • Whole family events: parties, fireworks
    • Equipment & running costs
  • Fundraising activities & events: raffles, sales, auctions, sponsored challenges etc.
  • Team volunteering days/activities/events
  • Other creative ways to support us!

Levels of public acknowledgement and media coverage will be by mutual agreement.

Help support us

To discuss how we can best work together, please contact our Volunteering team.

Send us an email

01245 392053